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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 11, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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look at that, wisdom. >> that is nice. that is the moon. >> a beautiful shot of the moon this morning on this tuesday, september 11th. nice and clear out there and cool. look at the temperatures this morning, in the 50s here in the area. taste of fall once again today. >> wearing my jacket. >> i know. sorry. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> you do want seem upset about it. >> no, i'm not. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> the cold weather is back. guess who else is back? >> tucker. >> i wish i could say i was so excited to be up at 4:00 in the
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morning. just a gorgeous day yesterday. lots of sunshine. we have cooled off tonight. we are well in the 50s here in washington. we'll be playing with 40s off to the west and north this oranging. coolest temperature since may around here and just another beautiful afternoon expected. sunshine, high temperatures back in the 70s. let's take a look at a map. i'm doing that because i'm contractually obligated to show a map. nothing on there. nothing to talk about. the next several days will feature sunshine. our next chance for rain won't get in here until the end of the week. enjoy this beautiful weather. back to you. >> thank you. the 9-11 anniversary is topping our stories today. exactly 11 years ago today, hijackers flew a plane into the pentagon at 9:37 in the morning. 125 people died and the
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pentagon was heavily damaged. later organization the president and first lady will attend a private ceremony at the pentagon memorial. we'll have live coverage of that. coming up as well. this also commemmorations later today at ground zero into new york city. hijackers flew two planes into the world trade center 11 years ago on this day. and there are ceremonies in shanksville, pennsylvania where the four plane crashed on 9-11. the school board and teachers union in chicago continued negotiates yesterday but have yet to reach a new contract agreement. the main dispute is over teacher evaluations and job security. switching gears to sports, redskins fans are still in a frenzy over the play of robert griffin iii and the teen's big win in the big easy. >> the excitement has some fans
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already talking super bowl. >> already. >> bob barnard has reaction to the start of the redskins season now. >> i honestly believe that the team can stay healthy and stay as quick and as poised as i saw in the game yesterday that the redskins are ready for the super bowl this year. >> reporter: yes, dorian paine is pretty excited about this euro's team but other fans are >> the game was good. d of i'm trying to stay calm, not trying to get too excited. we always win in the beginning and then it gets tough. >> you're not talking super bowl yet? >> not yet. >> we're used to losing. so when it comes time to win, that is a blessing in disguise. >> reporter: have you been a fan for a while? >> oh, my lord, we've been here for 37 years. we have seen it all. >> the good and bad? >> the good, the bad and ugly
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and we've seen a lot of ugly. >> feeling very good about the way we played. the way they closed the game out. i'm excite to have a new quarterback. >> reporter: we met tony boyd and other fans at the washington redskins store in bethesda where they say when the redskins win -- >> it brightened my day. when the redskins bring a win home, that excites the whole washington monthly tap area. >> i want to get a robert griffin iii shirt. >> i think this year will be really good for us. me and my daddy watch every sunday. >> i've been a fan since 1970 when i came to the u.s. the first thing i turned on was a redskins game and i've been a redskins fan since then.
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>> a great game. there is hope for this season so that is exciting. >> make your reservations now. >> we still have plenty of news. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning to you. it is tuesday, september 11th, 2012. live look outside at the wilson bridge on a chilly -- i'm going to say cold. >> you've not nowhere to go if it's cold now. >> i'm wisdom merit. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> we didn't be doing this already on september 11th. >> i'm getting it out of my system early. >> some of us love a nice bleak from the heat and humidity. the temperatures will gradually warm up over the next couple of
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days. if you haven't loved 70s and overnight lows in the 50s, hang in there. >> it is cool though. >> at reagan national -- whoa! >> things change when you go away. >> the temperature in quantico has really changed. that is not accurate. it is not one degree in quantico. washington, 59. look at the 40s breaking out. those are probably accurate in places like gaithersburg with 46. the last time dulles was in the 40s was may 19th. kids will probably want a light jacket on their way to school this morning. we are going to warm up again into the upper 70s close to 80 today. should be another picture perfect day. not much in the way of cloud cover this morning. lots of sunshine expected around here and a quiet weather pattern continues for the end
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of the week t will gradually get warmer. our temperatures as we get into tomorrow and the rest of the week will be in the 80s. today, upper 70s to about 80. nice and try. beautiful afternoon just like yesterday. >> it is gorgeous. let's check in with julie wright. how did you make it in today? >> on the roads, you will find that the lanes are open, no problems reported as you travel m street here at the key bridge. overnight construction cleared. no problems to report out of roslyn. traffic volume moving at speed coming inbound offer the clara barton parkway and canal road. also here, traffic flowing freely on both the inner and outer loop. there was a portion of 410 blocked off between wisconsin avenue and connecticut avenue at mabel avenue due to debris clean-up. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. we are remembering nerve.
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today is the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that plunged the united states into the longest war in our history. >> there are events today commemmorating the attacks in new york city and in southwest pennsylvania as well as at the pentagon. melanie alnwick has more on today's developments. >> reporter: after last euro's 10th anniversary, many people this year's commemmorations have reached a turning point, becoming less political and more personal. prayer services at washington national cathedral, remembrances in the city of leesburg and at the prince george's plaza community cent enter hyattsville as well as service projects on freedom plaza and more. forty lanterns lit up the night in shampgzville, pep pen. thousands gathered -- in shanksville, pennsylvania. thousands gathered to remember
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those who lost their lives taking down flight to d.c. leon pan eight also visited the shanksville memorial monday where he toured the wall of names. officials hope by 2014 they will finish a more complete remembrance space scientist commemmoration ceremony will be held at the 9-11 memorial at ground zero. for the first time, elected officials won't speak at the occasion. family members will read the names of those killed. there will be a moment of silence at 8:46:00 a.m. to mark when american airlines flight 11 hit the north tower and another when unite flight 175 hit the south tower. some victims' family members feel the absence of politicians makes the ceremonies today more intimate and perm. officials say al-qaeda's number two was killed yesterday but are not confirming it was a
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u.s. drone that hit him. right now, yemeni investigators are conducting dna tests to confirm it was him. he spent six years at the u.s. prison in guantanamo bay before getting released into saudi custody. custody. in baltimore, the perry hall high school student shot on the first day of classes is waking up in his own bed. he went home yesterday after spending the last two weeks in the hospital. the 17-year-old boy who has down's syndrome was struck by a bullet when another student opened fire in the cafeteria. police have said he was randomly hit. when asked what he was going to do when he got home, he explained that he planned to play with his dog, make tacos and watch the baltimore ravens game. d.c. police need your help tracking down the suspect accused of shooting a rite aid employee. they say the man walked into the store wearing a surgical mask sunday night and shot the
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assistant manager in both legs. it is the second timan employee at this particular rite aid has been shot. the first incident happened back in april and that suspect has been arrested. the mayor of a city arrested and charged with taking bribes? that is next as we check more headlines. a massive teacher strike in one. the nation's largest cities. >> to me, it is proof that we are not fighting over small issues. >> up next, nearly half a million students will not be headed to school once again today. are teachers and officials close to a deal yet? we'll check more headlines when we come back. 
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we have a programming reminder to tell you about. later this morning, the president and first lady will attend a private ceremony at the pentagon memorial to commemorate the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. we'll have live coverage thafer
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event at 9:30 this morning. the teachers strike in chicago is once again making headlines this morning. for a second day now, schools in the nation's third largest city will be closed. teachers in chicago are taking to the streets for the first time in 25 years. the school board and teachers union continued negotiates yesterday but have yet to reach a new contract agreement. the school system is offering a 16% pay raise over four years but they are still disputing over teacher evaluations and job security. the mayor of trenton, new jersey is out on bail. tony mack was arrested as part of a corruption investigation and charged with bribery. his brother and a business associate were also charged. federal prosecutors say they caught mack in an undercover sting operation. they say he was involved in an alleged kick back scheme to sell city-owned land for investors for less than what it
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was worth. >> i worked with him and i saw some very disturbing things and i backed away. ee use ad convicted felon as the alleged bag man and his brother as the man who handled the money. >> the mayor was released on $150,000 bond. if convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison. angelinaioly is in jordan visiting sir yap refugees as part of her role as a good will ambassador. united nations rights chief is calling on international leaders to step in. violence continues to rage across syria and shows no sign of coming to an end. in the city of aleppo, armed gunman unleash ad a hail of bullets against the president's regime. more loud debate over speed cameras in our area. not everyone is expressing sympathy for people slapped with a hefty fine. >> give them a ticket. i beg for a camera. we're begging for more. >> up next, we'll show you more
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of what unfolded at this community meeting. but first, tucker barnes. >> good morning. we've got clear skies out there. that is allowing cool temperatures to take over. back in the 40s and low 50s. we'll have your weather and traffic right after the brea  [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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south welcome back. taking a look at your u.s. capitol dome. a nice -- i don't want to say it's chilly. what would you call this? >> cool. this is what happened in september, wisdom. you forget. >> i remember one time i went to chicago around this time. >> that is a whole different thing. >> i'm just saying and it was a couple of degrees less than this in chicago and i was like oh, this is cold and they were like, you get out of hire. >> you'll get used to it. >> the nice thing is we'll get a little taste of it and it will warm up and by the end of the week, we're back well into the 80s so nothing too extreme here. no rain for the next couple of days. >> there is the silver lining. >> we've fallen back into the 40s. i got to get used to that. that scares me. >> one degree in quantico.
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freezing. >> i have to wait for an update at 5:00. i do apologize. this is nothing i can do about it. the computer automatically generates it for me. ignore quantico. 48 in manassas. dulles likely to get back into the 40s since may 19th t has been several months since our temperatures have been this cool. 52 in leonardtown. 40s off to the north and west. just a beautiful overnight and very comfortable. should be a beautiful day for us. look how quiet our sat height radar is. you will not find too many times of the year where it is this quiet. big area of high pressure will keep things nice and dry for us for the next several days. this weather pattern will continue right into the weekend. i think it will be the end of the weekend before we a chaps of any showers around here with our next cold front. tropical storm leslie off to the north and east. that is out of here and high pressure keeps us nice and dry. high pressure all week and that means lots of very comfortable conditions in the afternoon and overnight lows in the 50s and
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60s here for the next couple of days. as long as this weather pattern wants to stick around, we'll take it. very nice out there. 79 today. a little warmer than yesterday. sunshine, a beautiful afternoon. winds out of the north and east at five miles per hour. winds will shift out of the south tonight as that area of high pressure starts to push farther east. overnight, 55 here but our winds will shift out of the south. clear skies, cool overnight and then the slightly warmer air starts to get in here tomorrow. 84 tomorrow with lots of sunshine. thursday, friday, saturday, at lost par shall sunshine with highs in the 80s. could be a few showers d here towards the end of the weekend and early next week. it will just be a few showers. should be gorgeous the next couple of days. let's see how julie wright is doing. >> i got a short in my ifb so i'm hearing every other word
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you are saying to me. welcome back. we miss you. no problems reported between college park and bethesda. southbound along 270 coming in out of hyattstown, lanes are open. no problems reported leaving manassas in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more cracks have been found on the brand-new intercounty connector. state inspectors found the cracks, one on the bridge over route 29 and one on the ramp in the same place. the cracks are small but the examiner reports the state officials say they need to be repaired. inspectors found similar cracks in three other brims earlier this year. later this year, the hot lanes on the beltway will open in northern virginia. drivers will need an e-zpass to use the lanes. v-d.o.t. is partnering with several retailers so people can get easy access to an e-zpass.
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giant, wegmans and aaa will sell the deep transponders. are speed camera fines in d.c. too high? some people certainly think so. neighbors citywide are sounding off about the fines. they showed up in numbers at a community meeting in ward 7. >> reporter: tonight at one of the few sit-down restaurants in ward 7 where unemployment is high and many residents struggle to make ends meet, some say even one camera fine is a financial hardship. >> i'm not even making that much money that i can afford $125 to $250. >> reporter: the issue of speed camera fines has been getting a lot of attention districtwide recently. a lot of people are upset. >> it is about money. it is no about safety and i have a problem with that.
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>> reporter: councilmembers tommy wells and mary cheh had started a discussion about possibly lowering fines. >> it should not be such a hardship. the purpose of the fines is to improve the behavior. >> reporter: there are some who disagree with him. >> we need one on alabama avenue. >> reporter: 70-year-old hillcrest resident gladys gray has no sympathy for speeders. >> give them a ticket. i beg for a camera. we're begging for more. >> reporter: many favor a flat fee getting rid of radar enforcement altogether. but the question is how much? matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> now, d.c. police don't set the fines. it is the d.c. council that does that. the council will have to introduce legislation to change the fines. d.c. police do defend the cameras saying they are working when it comes to slowing people down. the cameras are also on pace for generate $50 million for the district. there is a hold-up for the
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new taxicab meter system in d.c. the taxi commission says drivers can't install the smart meters until a contracting issue is resolved. a decision is isn't expected until next month. the new meter system will offer credit card reader and satellite navigation in every single cab. as we remember the 9-11 attacks today, local police are taking more steps to try to prevent more threats. >> up next, some police officers are now wearing a tiny device on their belt that could help save steps of thousands of lives. we'll explain what that is all about coming up next.
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welcome back. we take a live look at the washington monument. you will notice a slight difference in the air this morning. slight to some of you. you may realize it, some more than others. radiation detectors have been an essential piece of equipment
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in the war on terror for quite some time. they have been installed at metro stations, airports and harbors to detect so-called dirty bombs. >> montgomery county police plan to wear the devices on their belts. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: if you glanced at sarge the kevin parker as he walked through the rockville metro station, you would likely have no idea he was wearing a radiation detection device, a snow isor so sophisticated medical patients can set it off. >> it not only can detect radiation but it can differentiate between everyday radiation, medical patients, from radiation that could be potentially used by a terrorist, somebody willing to do harm against us. >> reporter: in a demonstration, sergeant parker and officer chris bore showed how the device will react if it comes in contact with radiation. >> this will be when the radiation source comes near the
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detector. you can see the red light flashing and it is vibrating in the sergeant's hand. when i move it away, the reading has gone down. >> reporter: the devices have been in use now for a few months in the county and have detected more than a few suspicious situations. >> we have had alarms go off and in each case, the officers were able to determine the source as not being a threat. >> reporter: but the portable devices are only used to alert the device. another more sophisticated device is used to analyze the material being detected. >> i can also go to a screen which will give us an opportunity to identify what the source is. >> reporter: police say this device can download the information that is detected onto a laptop where it can be sent via the internet to a lab for further analysis. police plan on using the portable devices when large crowds have gathered like at golf tournaments and fairs. montgomery county police have acquired approximately 40 of these portable units through a
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federal gant and in addition to using them around metrorail stations, some have been given to the motor carrier unit so they can make checks on trucks and other vehicles. i'm paul wagner. coming up, the washington nats brought out the big bats in the big apple. up next. >> harper holding. zimmerman drives this one to center. he can only watch t it is up on the banner side. >> the bats weren't the only things clicking. pitching was also dominant. i love the nats. i want to be a nats fan. sports breakfast is coming up next. >> jumping on that bandwagon now. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. let's talk about mew naifort baseball team. nats in new york to face the
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mets. third inning, ryan zimmerman blasts one to center fold for a two-run homer. gi oa. gonzaga ailed he's goes six innings and allows one run. -- gio gonzales goes six innings and allows one run. >> this could not have been done without the defense and offense. a lot of these guys go out there and it feels like they work twice as hard when i'm out there. you appreciate that and hopefully we'll continue to pile up more wins. in football now, the ravens played tribute to late owner art modell. linebacker ray lewis got very emotional. as for the game, it was a blowout. cincinnati had no answer to baltimore's new no huddle offense. joe flako through for 299 yards and two touchdowns. ravens win 44-13.
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>> ravens are my favorite team as well. the redskins fans are still on cloud nine following the team's upset of the new orleans saints. they're my -- you get the point. sunday, rookie morris was given the start over evan roister and roy helu. he carried the ball 2 time for 96 yards. he rushed for two touchdowns even though the rookie has used the underdog role as most ration through outthe proshen, he is confident in his abilities. >> what if someone starts losing? >> i'm i know my work ethic and i'm going to go out there and get it done. as long as i leave it on the field at the end of the day, i'm happy with myself. i'm ecstatic for the team because we came out way awin against this caliber of a team is great. >> alfred right now is our starting running back. i thought he did a very good job. he had two or three runs in that that a lot of people can't


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